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Terms & Services

These are the terms of which I will do your commission. You automatically agree to these terms once you have sent me your payment. Please read carefully, before you commission me.

  • I have the right to decline your commission for any reason I see fit

  • Payment must be sent within 24 hours, otherwise you will lose your commission spot and be replaced by someone else.

  • I will NOT start on your commission until I have been paid.  

  • Prices are subject to change, but will not happen often

  • Finished commissions will be given by email as a PNG file with my watermark on it. I will not remove the watermark, but the mark will NOT be placed in a position where it will hurt the visual presentation of the finished piece. 

  • Refunds will NOT be given out, unless: I have yet to start on your commission. If you request a refund mid way, you will receive a 50% refund. NO refunds are given out that are below the cost of $20. 

  • Commissions over $100 can be paid in half, but the other half of the payment must be sent out before I finish the whole piece. If you pay half I will only work on the sketch, I will work on the inking and coloring until you have paid the other half. 

  • Once your commission is complete, I will not add any new features unless you pay an additional fee, or I will refuse if the change is too dramatic. 

  • Payments accepted by PayPal only. Must be sent in USD/$. Research the currency conversions, as I will not do that for you. 

  • I do have the right to post your commission on my social media accounts. 

  • Please provide a clear visual reference material of what you would like for me to draw. Written references are NOT a strong source of reference for me to work out on and I will not accept them. 

  • You must be 18 and older to be eligible for a NSFW commission. No exceptions.

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