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Commission Prices

  • Before you commission me, please be sure to read my T.O.S and FAQs (located in the home page)

  • Any and all commission examples are posted here

  • DO NOT commission me if you are not in a position to spend your finances on art

  • I can deny your commission for any reason I see fit!

What I like to draw:

Furries, Humans, Ponies, Candy gore, Nudity/Pin-ups (characters must be +18), Women/Girls


What I will draw: 

Paws, Maws, Micro, Macro, Vore, Diaper (SFW), Inflation (SFW/NSFW), Watersports, I'm ok drawing all gender and sexuality expressions/identities 


What I will NOT draw:

 Heavy Sex/Gore scenes, Feral porn, Underaged sex/nudity, Armor, Beastality, Scat(poop), Water Sports, Diapers (NSFW, nothing involving poop/pee fetishes)

With this being said please don't be afraid to contact me about what you would like for me to draw. I'm pretty chill when comes to unusual requests so long as the commissioner is respectful about it and to me.

Digital Art Prices

-COLORED: (flat colored)

Half body: $20

Full body: $30

 + simple background: $3 

 + add. characters: $10 

 + shading: $10

Digital Illustrations3.JPG
Digital Illustrations6.JPG
Untitled_Artwork 15.jpg
Digital Illustrations5.JPG
Digital Illustrations8.JPG

-COLORED (fully rendered)

Half body: $ 45

Full body: $ 60

 + simple background: $5

 + complex background: depends on detail 

 + add. characters: $20

Digital Illustrations2.jpg

- Chibi $15

Untitled_Artwork 5 2.png
Untitled_Artwork 1 2.png
Untitled_Artwork 4 2.png

Traditional Art Prices

-6x8 Marker and color pencil: $45 FREE SHIPPING

(Fullbody, 1 character)

Add. character +$10 

Add. background +$10

(may change depending on the complexity)


-8x10 Marker and color pencil w/ simple background:


(Bust, 1 character only) 

Add. characters + $15 

Add. background +$20

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